City of Novalja

In a peaceful and unassuming bay on the west coast of the island of Pag, the small fishermen’s and working-class village of Novalja has transformed into a modern tourist destination. Novalja settled into the safety of its bay many moons ago, but since then, countless winds of historical change have howled its streets.

Its path of development starts in ancient history, while countless archaeological remains point towards its turbulent and fascinating past. Take a step back in time with us and stroll through a small part of the 1200-meter-long antique aqueduct hewn out of solid rock, explore the remains of Caska, the island’s ancient centre, and discover the lasting legacy of how the town developed over the centuries in the Town Museum and the archaeological collection Stomorica. More recently, up to the mid-20th century, Novalja was a village of fishermen and labourers, but eventually its rapid change was sparked thanks to tourism and its endless potential for development.


There are not many places on the Adriatic that can boast such beautiful pristine beaches in their immediate surroundings, like Novalja can. Our world-famous beach Zrće offers numerous options for entertainment and prime club programmes designed for party guests, while the Planjka, Caska, Braničevica, Ručica, Babe and Jadra beaches, as well as other beaches in the Novalja town area, are ideal for a family vacation. Enjoy our famous beaches and countless smaller coves and try our local traditional or modern cuisine. The options are endless!


Experience the picturesque and diverse landscape of Novalja’s surroundings where the lush vegetation meets stingy rocky terrain to create an especially charming atmosphere. The warm bay of Stara Novalja provides a sanctuary for those warm summer days, while the smaller bays and the long seafront promenade provides that much needed refreshment. Find your inner peace in the healing calm of the Olive Gardens of Lun on the far north-western part of the island, in the small picture-postcard village of Lun. Visit the stone-clad Metajnaon the eastern part, where you can step into the mystical ambience of the lunar-like landscape and experience one of the most beautiful trails in Croatia, the Life on Mars Trail. Novaljsko Polje has a green oasis in store for you – cultivated plantations of immortelle, vineyards and olive trees make for the perfect visit to Novalja on two wheels!

Join us on an exciting trip brimming with natural beauties, cultural and historical heritage, fun, recreation and everything else waiting to be discovered.

Welcome to Novalja, dear guests!

Old Novalja

Secluded from southern and northern winds, Stara Novalja stretches over a long and modest bay on the north-western part of the island of Pag.

Here, everything is connected to rocks and the sea. Sheep in search for a hidden blade of grass, olives, figs and grapes squeezed in between rocky hills and people. The remains of historical landmarks and archaeological sites stand witness that this was true even in times past. The beautiful Byzantine fortress of Svetojanj from the 6th century looks like it rose from the rocks and then merged back into them. Its duty was to safeguard the sea passage from pirates. The little Church of the Holy Cross and St. Mary’s Church, now at the mercy of splashing sea waves, used to protect fishermen and invite them to return to the peaceful leeward of their coves. If you’re a fan of scuba diving, this is where you can also start exploring one of the Adriatic’s most beautiful archaeological findings with over a hundred well-kept amphorae from the 1st century BC.

Along the bay, small sandy beaches have also found their place next to family apartments and inns. The two beaches Trinćel and Jadra frame the bay from both sides, both adorned with a blue European flag guaranteeing the quality and purity of the sea in an ecologically protected and clean environment. If you enjoy an active vacation, Stara Novalja doesn’t only offer ideal natural conditions for sports and recreation, but also bike tracks, beaches with recreational amenities, beach volleyball and diving centres with organised diving schools. The food offer in restaurants is sure to please even the greatest gourmets – brace yourself for the taste sensations of the famous Pag cheese and lamb, but also selected fish and seafood specialities, prepared to bring out the tender flavours of traditional Mediterranean cuisine. To add the cherry on top of this unforgettable offer, we invite you to enjoy a walk by the sea, beneath enchanting starry skies filled with the song of cicadas calling out for a new day... or a new encounter.

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