Municipality of Povljana

Since ancient times when nearby of the present Povljana existed an ancient villa and later, during the Middle Ages, when it was built a monastery of nuns with a shallow bay near the church of St. Nicholas, this part of the island was called Paoliana. 

Archaeological discoveries give a hint of the richness of history, but many sites have not been explored so far.

The findings at our disposal show that this part of the island was inhabited in prehistory, and further during antiquity, through the Middle Ages. People traditionally lived here from agriculture: sheep farming and growing fruits and vegetables in a water-rich field. The population in those times was still very small. The biggest changes occurred in the middle of the 20th century with the advent of tourism. At the same time, the place was electrified and a water supply network was built, laying the foundations for future development. 

The island of Pag otherwise boasts a wealth of sandy beaches, of which, of course, some exist in the area of Povljana.


Shallow water, sandy beaches with fine sand in the locations Perilo, Dubrovnik, Little Dubrovnik, Livade, Old Povljana and Livadine. These beaches are recognized by families as interesting for families with small children and for beginner swimmers.

Along Dubrovnik beach there is a freshwater lake Segal which in one part of its shore has muddy sediment, peloid which together with the sun, sea and clean air acts to improve health, prevention and treatment of various diseases.

At 2.5 km from the center are Veliko and Malo blato, two lakes protected by the richness of the bird fund. These ornithological reserves are home to over 143 species of birds that nest, hibernate or fly over there. It is an increasingly popular destination for bird watching.

Another natural feature is typical for Povljana, and these are the kilometers of dry stone walls that prove the skill and effort of the inhabitants and show that sheep breeding has been a profession for centuries in this area.

Visit Povljana and choose the option of spending your vacation: sunbathing and swimming on the beach, doing sports on land or sea (trails, Nordic walking, running, cycling; surfing, SUP), watching the rich bird fund on the lakes. At the end of the day, enjoy excellent food in local restaurants...


The fishing village of Smokvica is 6 km away from Povljana by a good macadam road in the direction of SE. It is ideal to visit on bicycles and relax on the beach where there is a well with fresh water.

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