safety rules

A walk or jog through the green ring of the Novalja Field and the settlement of Zaglava (including the Svetojanj peninsula and fortress) is bound to leave you with fond memories and in awe of the stunning features along the trails. . In order to make the tour of these trails and area as pleasant and safe as possible, we recommend that you adhere to the following rules of conduct.

In many places, the paths and trails have been enclosed with fences and gates by the local residents for the purpose of holding sheep. Be mindful of these gateways and close the gates behind you!

Preserve the ground on which you go. Be mindful of the enclosed roads and trails (ask if you are unsure) and avoid trespassing on private property.

Leave no trace and do not litter!

Respect other trail users. If you come across people and animals, announce your presence in a timely manner – a friendly greeting or ringing a bell are welcome gestures. Cautious movement in the vicinity of animals will mitigate their reactions and fear, so make sure that you refrain from chasing away farm and wild animals.

This area abounds in flora and fauna and is also the habitat of certain snake species. While the grass snake, leopard snake and the four-lined snake (ratsnake) are non-venomous and therefore harmless, they still may evoke fear and discomfort in passers-by. The same happens when encountering a grass lizard, a non-venomous dark brown lizard similar to a snake. Increased caution is advised during the spring and summer months in sunlit karst areas which are the habitat of the only local venomous snake – the horned viper. Please note that the snakes will not show signs of aggression if unprovoked, so respect their habitat and do not disturb them in any way.

We recommend using appropriate equipment, as well as bringing sufficient amounts of water or other beverages. Learn about trail conditions in advance.

Enjoy our trails!

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