safety rules

When climbing, please be mindful of conserving the nature, especially birds (griffon vultures, eagles) that you can find on the rocks or in the surrounding area.

When arriving at the climbing site and during climbing and spending time in the wider area, the following rules should be adhered to:

park your vehicles only in designated areas

be considerate of local residents – both when arriving by vehicle or parking, and when moving towards the climbing site and climbing

do not litter or leave behind rubbish, handkerchiefs, cigarette butts or any other substances - pick up your litter - it would also be commendable to pick up other people's litter

do not damage the climbing rock or the surrounding area

use the necessary equipment when climbing

try to keep your equipment neat in one place, away from the trail or climbing site

do not stay at one particular area or climbing route unnecessarily long (or throughout the entire day)

do not make noise or play loud music at the climbing site and in nature

wipe away any traces of magnesium

do not light a fire

wild camping is prohibited

in the event of an accident, call for help and provide help to the best of your ability

Emergency telephone numbers
+385 112 Emergency
+385 192 Police
+385 193 Firefighters
+385 194 Ambulance

It is not allowed to intervene on the rocks or set new climbing routes – in case of new proposals or observed worn out or damaged equipment, contact the Novalja Tourist Board.
Tel: +385 (0)53 661 404

Enjoy climbing and let others enjoy it as well.

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